Programs and Training
Religious Interpreter Training Program (RITP) Interpreter Training Program
Promotes excellence in interpreter training in the religious setting. To provide a comprehensive interpreter training program incorporating the standards of interpreter training program (ITP), linguistic proficiency in Sign Language, cultural competency, and professional conduct and ethics.

International Interpreter Training develops training programs for Sign Language Interpreters in West Africa and the Caribbean to incorporate the current training curriculums for interpreters, advocate for interpreter support, and work collaboratively with the Deaf community.

See the Word Drama Ministry
Provides theatrical programming for the purpose of dramatizing the Word of God in the lives of Deaf people, to promote talent within the Deaf community to spread the word of God and the stories of the Deaf community.

Feed My Sheep Social Consciousness Ministry
Address the issues that debilitate and limit the potential in the Deaf community. To provide instruction and information in the areas of Health, Education, Literacy, Employment and Spirituality. To coordinate programs for special interested groups.

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